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Naughty AllieRating 3.9

Naughty Allie
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Short review: Naughty Allie is a totally lewd novice chikie who loves to get bawdy with her hubby behind the cam! She'll fuck young males, she'll fuck females, and she'll even get some naughty group act in a mate swapping gang bang! It's all dilettante fun and total chaos when Allie and her hubby, Jake, are on the look out for couples to fuck around with them! Cum eating, slit gulping, rectal pumping, glory-hole reaming act!
Content Amount: For a solo babe neophyte internet site, it really had quite a bit of content. The cam really loves Allie and she is agitated to show off her nice body in front of it! Whether she's screwing damsels or lads, Allie looks good doing it! Lots of pecker stiffe