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Madison's After Party Head!***
Action tags: Teens, Hardcore, Somnophilia, Blowjob
Sleep Creep ****
Short review: Over all the site wasn't too bad. However, it isn't very user friendly if you're looking for a specific site. If you're just browsing, then it's great, but if you're looking for something specifically, then it is a little confusing to navigate. Over all though it wasn't too bad. There is a large amount of content, even if it's not always what you're looking for. Again, if you're just browsing, with nothing in mind, it's great.
Content Amount: The content was good. There was a fairly large amount on the specific site. The home page as a whole does have an extremly large amount of content so that is good. There are different sites to go to and they all have a fair amount of content on them.
The quality of both the movies and the videos was fairly good. Not nessesarily excellent, but fairly good. There wasn't really anything to distract from the videos like flashes going off from someone taking pictures. The pictures that were taken were good Click here to visit Sleep Creep
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