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Bridgette and Kansas**
Action tags: Lesbians, Somnophilia
Lesbian Assault ****
Short review: Just think about the girl you have such a crush on at the office, and the thoughts of slipping into her bedroom when she's stretched across the mattress, sound asleep and showing the top of her thighs, the roundness of her ass cheeks and the fullness of her breasts, yes, you would love to invade that sexually. The quality was nicely done, and with the bonuses offered, the numbers are worthy.
Content Amount: With just under 10 sets offered I found myself wishing long and hard for more, but this is a part of a small network, and since the other sites involved hold so much, I'm assuming this is one of their newer additions, so updates are called for.
They kept the quality on the level of simplicity. No razzle dazzle, just good old fashion fetish fun that is easily navigated and just as easy on the eyes. The videos were hi and low, better than I expected them to be, and the images were well done. Click here to visit Lesbian Assault
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