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Flexy Girl 2***
Action tags: Pantyhose, Gymnasts, Flexible, contortion
Flexi Fetish Girls *****
Short review: These girls are actually seeing parts of their anatomy that most of the female gender needs a mirror to accomplish! They can turn and squirm their bodies around until they literally meet themselves coming and going. I really enjoyed my time spent here, not only was I impressed with the Flexi Fetish Girls talent, but just everything in an overall outlook was so nicely done, it was a pleasure for me
Content Amount: I'm not sure of the exact age of this site, but I can say the content count won't make your eyes widen with amazement, there are 24 videos and 38 image galleries, but those numbers are growing, and they offer 14 bonus sites to keep you busy until it does.
They have tied themselves up in knots to make a nice quality presentation from this site and it shows. The images were offered in medium and full quality, while the videos had very nice technical numbers and the navigation was more than easy. Click here to visit Flexi Fetish Girls
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