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amateur loves do it***
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No Fauxxx ****
Short review: I don't recall ever doing a review on a site such as No Fauxxx, and I do hope that I've done it justice. I'm not here to judge per se, I'm here to reflect to the readers what I find, letting my opinions show, but at the same time, knowing each individual will base their own decision, and that's what makes us all unique, which is exactly what this site is all about. It's a journey.
Content Amount: I wish the numbers had been greater, but I'm sure in time they will grow in the expression being made. The most to be found here fell under the heading of the image galleries, with just a handful of videos, extras, it does have a nice beginning.
Don't expect high quality in the realm of what many sites offer, they don't brag to hold it, so nothing is deceiving. It's amateur, it's soft core, hardcore and everything between. Each set makes a statement, each particle is an expression of the people. Click here to visit No Fauxxx
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