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In night vision***
Action tags: Voyeur, Somnophilia
Night Invasion ****
Short review: It doesn't matter if your curtains are closed or not, this guy finds a way to not only film your actions but also get into your bedroom, and he comes equipped with an erection. I didn't care for the layout of the thumbs to Night Invasion, and they are screen caps, but understandably so. The videos weren't bad at all, especially the higher speed ones with a larger video size to them.
Content Amount: You won't be blown away by the numbers here, but they're average. Given the fact they offer a good amount of bonus content, I was surprised they give this much on a stand alone basis. It's enough that it could indeed stand on its own.
Actually the quality wasn't too bad for this website. The pictures were understandably video screen captures, with a decent enlargement pixel size. The videos were offered in a low and high speed, with both playing nicely, of course the high was better. Click here to visit Night Invasion
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