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Next update: 06/24/2018
Action tags: Amateur, Reality
Tubby Bob ****
Short review: Although the site is comedic and has good potential, I still can't get over the fact that there is only 3 videos on the entire site. And the videos are extremely large file sizes over 600MB! Personally, I wouldn't want three Tubby Bob movies taking up 1.5GBs of my hard drive. It would be better to have smaller clips made from the long one hour video, that way it would also be dialup friendly.
Content Amount: The content amount is a joke. There are only 3 videos on the entire site and nothing else. No bonus materials, no pictures, not even any of the obligatory live chat and games that most other sites use to bulk up their sites. A very big disappointment.
The video itself is friggin' hysterical! Poor Bob is all thumbs when he's just trying to get laid! But the video files are gigantic sized and unless you don't mind taking up 1.5 GB of three Tubby Bob videos on your hard drive, then I wouldn't recommend. Click here to visit Tubby Bob
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