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Next update: 12/29/2019
Man 's ass double fisted
Action tags: bizarre, fisting, femdom
Extreme Fisting *****
Short review: I guess I've been a bit sheltered in the past by other sites I've reviewed of a niche such as this, they've shown the action, and I've cringed a time or two, but this site really has carried things to a level that I never dreamed people would actually partake in. The brutality upon the butts will be something that will have these people sitting softly for weeks to come!
Content Amount: It's sad to say they don't offer dates as to how often they do keep the freshness flowing onto this fetish site, but they promise through tour it's scheduled nicely…but no way for me to confirm that. The overall count is fair at this time.
The videos were limited in the amount of formats offered, one for stream, one for download, and the presentation is nice, not HD, but nice. The length is the full clip, and their download times are extremely long, so stream often for immediate viewing! Click here to visit Extreme Fisting
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