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Next update: 12/18/2018
Water Balloon Super Slow Motion
Action tags: softcore, big tits, fetish
Sexy Slow Motion ****
Short review: If you're still on the fence as far as purchasing membership to this site, just think about this….you've got a more than beautiful babe with big tits and a shaved pussy, not to mention a rounded, well formed ass, and you toss her balloons, you have her in a playful mood, and then decide to slow down the filming, which will show even the tiniest of movement, that will help you decide.
Content Amount: The numbers are good, not overboard with abundance, but good enough to show they're being earnest in their offerings with updates done on a speedy scheduling system. As this site grows so will your appreciation of purchase to keep it recurring.
There are different ways to look at quality from a site, and from this installment, it's simplicity and above average technical numbers that will make a statement of satisfaction. It's not razzle dazzle, but it's not meant to be, it's good! Click here to visit Sexy Slow Motion
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