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Sssh 05*
Action tags: Hardcore, Blondes, For Women
Sssh ****
Short review: There was so much I liked about Sssh, it's hard to say anything negative, but I really did not care for the layout of this site. I realize there's so much material that a perfect solution may not have been easily sought, but I spent much more time here than I should have and still didn't enjoy the venture. If you have the time and you don't mind making sense of everything, this is a good site.
Content Amount: This is a different type of site, so the normal count for videos and pictures don't really play into the mix, because there was so much more in my opinion that took priority over those things. Put on your reading glasses there is a lot of information.
The quality was a bit above fair in the area of videos I could get into, and the pics, the subject matter was hot and if you're one that enjoys reading and having your mind stimulated, there's plenty of content for that very thing, all nicely written. Click here to visit Sssh
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